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Honors & Awards | Active DeMolays

One of the most prestigious awards in all of DeMolay, the Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Service Award, was designed by our founder, "Dad" Frank S. Land. The award itself is an attractive gold-colored medal and is granted without charge. Qualifying for the PMC-MSA is an exercise in good program planning.

The Representative DeMolay Award is the highest self-achievement award Active and Senior DeMolays can earn. It's a self-assessment program where you progress toward goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey of your interests, achievements, general knowledge and habits.

"Dad" Land said it was his dream that every DeMolay should be a Representative DeMolay. The Representative DeMolay program was first established in 1924, and for many years was a competition to select outstanding DeMolays. In 1935, the program was redesigned to fill a growing need for self-evaluation by every DeMolay.

Merit Bars primarily are awards that recognize DeMolays for achievement in some phase of Chapter activity. Religion and scholastics are the two exceptions. Merit Bars are awarded to individual members on the recommendation of the Awards Advisor. The Advisory Council makes the final decision about whether an individual has met the requirements for each bar.

The categories in which Merit Bars are awarded through DeMolay International are athletic, attendance, civic service, conclave, fine art, fund-raising, installing, journalism, correspondence course, masonic attendance, masonic service, membership, merit, priory, religion, scholastic, visitation and ritual.

Membership awards are given for securing new DeMolay initiates. DeMolay International grants these awards automatically. First-line signers may claim the same new members to earn the Membership Merit Bar, Founder's Membership Award and Blue Honor Key.

  • #1 Lapel Pin: It's exciting to sign up your first new member. The #1 lapel pin recognizes this important achievement.
  • Merit Bar: The Membership Merit Bar is granted for being the first-line signer on his first five membership applications of three initiates.
  • Founders Membership Award: This award is granted to a DeMolay who is the first-line signer on his first five membership applications.
  • Blue Honor Key: The Blue Honor Key is awarded to an Active or Senior DeMolay for being the first-line signer for 10 new members initiated by the Chapter. These 10 membership applications do not have to be secured for any one class or in any one year. An active member who secures fewer than 10 applications before he reaches his majority may complete the requirements list after he reaches majority. Additional Blue Honor Keys, with stars to designate each multiple of 10 new members secured, are also granted.

A DeMolay who serves efficiently as a Chapter officer may, upon recommendation of the Chapter Advisor, obtain a Service Certificate. This award is signed by the Grand Secretary and the Grand Master and is suitable for framing. It designates the office held, the term, the year and the name of the Chapter.

This life saving medal, which was approved at the 1969 DeMolay International Session, may be granted in cases where a DeMolay has performed an act that resulted in the saving of a human life. Recommendations are made by the Advisory Council and must be forwarded to the Executive Officer for his approval. The recommendation is acted on by DeMolay International or its Board of Directors.

The Advisory Council may nominate a DeMolay who has performed an act of heroism for this honor. Nominations for his medal are made through the Executive Officer of a jurisdiction. Nomination forms are available from the Executive Officer or the Service and Leadership Center. Newspaper clippings and other subtantiating material should be included according to the instructions on the form. In considering this nomination, DeMolay International requires that the act of heroism be one in which the nominee was in danger of losing his own life. Many nominations have been submitted for this coveted award, but fewer than 150 have been granted since the Medal of Heroism was created in 1925.

The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor that an active DeMolay can receive. This honor also may be granted to a Senior DeMolay. The Degree is a citation for outstanding and marked DeMolay activity and labor. The nominee must be a minimum of 16 years of age, with Executive Officer approval, on January 15th of the year nominated, and have been a member in good standing for at least two years as of that date.

The degree cannot be applied for, and the nominationis made without the knowledge of the DeMolay to be honored. The unanimous vote of DeMolay International at its regular Session is required to elect a nominee.

Recommendations are made by Advisory Councils to the Executive Officer of the jurisdiction. Nomination forms are available from the Executive Officer. The nominations must be received by the Executive Officer's deadline. Each year a nomination fee is established by the Grand Secretary. The fee covers processing and regalia. Submit fee with completed nomination form to the Executive Officer. The investiture ceremony must take place within one year from the date of election.

The Past Illustrious Knight Commander Meritorious Service Award was established to encourage greater efficiency and progress in a Priory's program. more information and requirements are available from a Priory Advisor or Executive Officer.


DeMolay International established the Distinguished Service Award in the fall of 1959. In some jurisdictions, this award is known as the "DeMolay of the Year" award. The purpose of the award is to recognize one DeMolay in each jurisdiction for outstanding service to others, in his home, school, church, Chapter, community and country.

The Chapter's Advisory Council members select one or more members of the Chapter whom they believe worth of this recognition. Adult leaders in the community then are asked to evaluate the nominee's performance in various areas.

When all of the endorser's recommendations have been returned to the Chapter, the Advisory Council selects one Chapter member as its nominee for the Distinguished Service Award and sends the nomination to the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer also has the privilege of making a personal nomination. Nominations may be made twice a year.

After receiving the nominations from all the Chapters, the Executive Officer selects one of the DeMolays for the Distinguished Service Award.