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Resource Center

This interactive Resource Center will help you enjoy your lifelong responsibilities to DeMolay. Here you'll find many tools necessary to assist you in promoting and developing DeMolay on the local Chapter and Jurisdictional level.

You'll find the following tools beneficial to you:
  • Honors & Awards Center - Everyone likes to receive recognition. To fill this need, DeMolay has provided numerous honors and awards for the official recognition of service and achievements. This section lists and briefly describes each award, honor or other form of recognition.
  • Forms - In this area, you'll find many forms to aid and assist in the administration of the local Chapter, specific honor nomination forms, financial report forms, and many more.
  • Media Downloads - Here, you'll be able to download different sizes and formats of the Official DeMolay Emblem, DeMolay International Logo, as well as Jurisdiction specific logos for use in print, on the web or other media.
  • Membership Statistics - This area is dedicated to up-to-date membership statistics for DeMolay across the World! Here, you can find the current membership levels on a Global, Jurisdictional and Chapter level. You can also download these reports into Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets to make your own dynamic reports and presentations.
  • Public Ceremonies - DeMolay has ceremonies to mark many important occasions and events. Now you can view and print DeMolay's official open ceremonies as approved by DeMolay's Ritual and Regalia Committee. This is the Sixth Edition, 2007, of the Monitor of Ceremonies.
  • Scholarships - Here you'll find applications for scholarships available only to members of DeMolay International.