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When the Order of DeMolay began, it expanded so rapidly that "Dad" Frank Land realized the need to establish a governing body to supervise the Order. The Grand Council of the Order of DeMolay was organized to oversee the policies and activities of all Chapters, and to ensure the consistency and operation across the country.

When DeMolay expanded beyond the borders of the United States of America, the Grand Council was renamed "The International Supreme Council" (ISC). Today, the ISC continues to serve as the governing body of DeMolay International. A Grand Master and four other elected officers provide leadership for DeMolay International. In addition, the ISC is the authority on all matters relating to Chapters, Advisory Councils, members, charters, finances, Rituals, disputes, appeals and complaints.

Any changes in DeMolay Statutes must be considered and approved by the International Supreme Council or DeMolay's Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the following: eight Region Representatives (1 from each of DeMolay's eight regions), Grand Master, Grand Senior Councilor, Grand Junior Councilor, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, a representative selected by the Executive Officers’ Conference, and two Class 6 members of DeMolay International. The Grand Master is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  The Grand Senior Councilor is the Vice-Chairman.  The Grand Secretary is the secretary of the Board of Directors.  The Board shall meet during the last three months of the calendar year at a time and place selected by the Grand Master.  Other meetings may be called by the Grand Master.  The Board of Directors shall transact all business of the Order except matters reserved in the bylaws or the rules and regulations.

In addition to the International Supreme Council as a means for the adult leadership of DeMolay International to meet and discuss the future of DeMolay, the International DeMolay Congress was established to give Active DeMolays a chance to meet on the international level. The first one was held in 1967 and the Congress continues to meet and play an integral part in the decision making that impacts the future of DeMolay International. The Congress is composed of two delegates from each jurisdiction who are selected by the Executive Officer. The purpose of the Congress is two-fold: (1) to act as an educational forum for Active DeMolay participants and provide insight into the ISC operations; and (2) to give ISC members a chance to hear the ideas of Active DeMolays. The DeMolay Congress is led by two Active DeMolays whom are elected by the delegates of Congress every year.

To serve as a support for Executive Officers, their jurisdictions, DeMolay Chapters and members in maintaining the growth and development of DeMolay, the International DeMolay Service & Leadership Center was established in Kansas City, Missouri. The Service & Leadership Center houses the professional staff and operations of DeMolay International. Additionally, the Service & Leadership houses the DeMolay & More Store. It's the only authorized source of DeMolay jewelry, supplies, clothing and promotional materials.

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