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Legion of Honor Observance

As Grand Master of DeMolay International,
I hereby proclaim this March 18, 2015, Annual Legion of Honor Observance

March 18, 2015 is a special day for all of DeMolay. Tradition calls on us to recognize and remember this date for the martyrdom of Jacques DeMolay. Ninety-Five years ago, nine young men and Dad Land adopted the name DeMolay to start a movement that, still today, has a powerful influence on all DeMolays and the communities that surround them. Together as One DeMolay, we are making a global impact. For this year's observance please take the opportunity to remember your obligations as a Legionnaire.

ONE VISION - Building a world of values driven leaders. We are One DeMolay, active in 18 countries and growing. Our alumni are comprised of business leaders, doctors, attorneys, politicians, athletes, entertainers, astronauts, military, and many other leadership positions.

ONE TEAM - Sharing a bond through DeMolay. We are brothers, friends, fathers, and sons. Our background is irrelevant. We are One DeMolay. We control what our futures hold. We must work together to keep DeMolay at the forefront of building young men into leaders.

ONE LEGACY - Investing in a foundation for the future. As Legionnaires we are bound together to support One DeMolay. Our young men need our support. We are One DeMolay. We succeed if we all support the organization that has meant so much to each of us.

ONE DEMOLAY - FOR GOD - FOR COUNTRY - FOR DEMOLAY Arise Legionnaire, to support this incredible organization!

As part of our annual Observance, join me in making a meaningful contribution, one that is significant to you. Please join me in re-committing to fulfilling our Legion of Honor tradition again this year. When we affect change in youth, they create positive change in their communities and the world around them.

Please - take this opportunity to invest in DeMolay's future and impact the lives of our young men in DeMolay. Will you join me in making a gift to support DeMolay in its life-changing work?

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