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Relay for Life | 10/6/09


DeMolay International and the American Cancer Society announce partnership in the Relay for Life!

The Board of Directors of DeMolay International with the support of the DeMolay Congress Cabinet is proud to declare DeMolay Partners with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life program. DeMolays will be making a difference in the fight against cancer by donating their time and raising awareness and funds to support the American Cancer Society’s efforts to save lives. One of the most effective ways DeMolays and their Chapters can continue to help is to participate in an American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

What is Relay?
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is the world’s largest movement to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against this disease. Groups of people form teams and these teams of people camp out at local schools, parks, or fairgrounds and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events up to 24 hours in length.

Relay For Life brings together 3.5 million people each year to raise much-needed funds and awareness that enable the American Cancer Society to help people stay well, help people get well, find cures, and fight back against cancer. Together with the support of dedicated volunteers like DeMolays and their Advisors, we are saving lives.

Why Relay?
Nearly every person who participates in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life has been touched by cancer in some way and has a unique and personal story to tell. It’s these stories that motivate and inspire us to celebrate, remember, and fight back against cancer. Relay For Life unites communities in an effort to end cancer.

Relay For Life is often described as a life-changing event. Cancer survivors are at the heart of Relay. If you are a cancer survivor or have a friend or loved one who is, Relay brings us together to celebrate victory over cancer, while supporting those who are still battling the disease. Each Relay event opens with an inspirational Survivors Lap that symbolizes the steps we are taking toward saving lives.

Caregivers are also recognized and celebrated at Relay For Life. These individuals give their time, love, and support to friends, family, and neighbors who face cancer. At Relay, people understand the frustrations and joys of being a caregiver. There is peace of mind in knowing that together we can face the many challenges cancer poses. And most importantly, Relay gives everyone an opportunity to fight back against cancer. Participating in Relay and forming or joining a team helps save lives.

Join your local American Cancer Society Relay For Life today and be part of the worldwide movement to end cancer. To learn more or to form a team, call 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit

Get Involved
Locate a Relay near your Chapter that you want to participate in. DeMolay Chapters are already forming teams, volunteering at local Relay events, and educating friends and family members about cancer prevention and early detection. For information concerning a Relay For Life near you, please click here.

For additional information, please contact:
“Dad” Gary Mueller
307 48th Ave.
Greely, CO 80634

Relay For Life Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for DeMolay International
To support the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, your DeMolay Chapter may want to have a few fundraisers. We’re including some ideas here to help get you started, but don’t limit yourself to the ideas listed here. Feel free to be creative! For even more ideas on fundraisers for Relay For Life, visit their official site.

Food Sales
Have a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner. Ask a local grocery store to donate the food, and you do the cooking. Set up your Breakfast or dinner in a high traffic area, and accept donations in exchange for a plate.

Work with a bowling alley to rent a group of lanes or the entire building. You can raise funds by asking for a donation from each team that enters a tournament or by having a bowling marathon where you ask as many participants as possible to come in and bowl in exchange for a donation.

Power Minute
Ask a school principal, counselor, or event advisor to make a 60-second announcement over a loud speaker about the American Cancer Society. Have the announcer challenge the students and teachers to find some kind of container and donate whatever change/dollars they can find in that minute.

Letters and Emails
Write a letter or send emails to your family and friends asking for their donations. Emphasize the importance of Relay For Life and your involvement in it. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with each letter. This increases your chances of getting donation, since it makes it as easy as possible for potential donors.

Benefit Basketball Game
Organize a basketball game (perhaps Advisors versus DeMolays) and ask for donation as admission. You could also do half time games and shoot outs to raise additional funds.

Video Game Contest
Set up a video game system, and invite people to make a donation in order to join in the fun.

Get Sponsors for the Relay
Ask people to sponsor your walk and donate money towards it. Like $.10 a lap, or just a direct donation.

Light the Luminaries
Relay for Life has a special tradition of lighting luminaries during the event. Ask the Relay Coordinator if you can help.

Set up and/or Take Down
Relays have a lot of various tasks that need to be performed and promotional material that is used. Offer to lend a hand, literally!

Grab a Mini Relay Kit
Mini Relay Kits are aimed at the grade schools. Organize a Mini Relay in a school, perhaps in the gym! Never underestimate the power of youth!

Provide Snacks and or Water
Volunteers are there for 24 hours during a race; a small snack or a bottle of water can go a long way and would really be appreciated by all those walking.

Offer Education
Arrange a seminar or ask a speaker to attend a Chapter meeting to discuss cancer prevention and early detection. Perhaps create flyer with this information and make them available to the general public.

Organize your own Relay!
Pick a date, a location, find some volunteers and take on the challenge of organizing your own relay!

Print this off and take it to your chapter meeting!

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